Bridge the gap between design, cause, and fundrasing.
Strategic planning is more than a step-by-step exercise. It requires individuals capable of strategic thinking, that is, individuals who can take information and offer insights on how that information can influence or impact the future organization.
Fundraising Strategy Implementation
Fundraising strategy implementation is the technique through which the firm develops, utilises and integrates its structure, culture, resources, people and control system to follow the strategies to have the edge over other competitors in the market.
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We offer consultancy services towards developing your fundraising strategy including your set up plan, market research, product development & team mentoring.

Our Strategic Consulting Services

Our strategic consulting services are based on real time inputs from the ground. We offer the best possible solutions based on thorough research and market intelligence.

CFF Intelligence

  • Top line market study
  • Fundraising strategy development
  • Optimizing country entry plan.
  • Product optimization
  • Business intelligence, CRM and Analytics.

CFF Research

  • Database research through SAS/ STAT
  • Predictive analysis for income forecast
  • Data segmentation & Market Intelligence
  • Competitor and comparator research.
  • Brand awareness and  perception for fundraising.
  • Confidential search.

Frequently Asked Questions

For organizations like you, we have a great solution. You can outsource your fundraising to us. We will recruit a dedicated team for raising funds for your organization/ project. This arrangement will help you reap the benefits of our fundraising knowledge, without investing in creating Fundraising/ Communications positions. 

After two to three years, when you have experienced and rewards due to fundraising growth, you may consider to recruit for the fundraising functions.

Whether you are a Right based organization working on Policy, advocacy and campaigns, or you are a relief based organization working on providing tangible support to the most needy and
marginalized, we can provide tailormade fundraising solutions for your fundraising challenge.
We help our clients raise funds from multiple sources, thereby de-risking the entire organization.
We study your organization in depth before advising you the best approach so that your
organization is sustainable. We are perhaps the only organization in Asia with over 200+ years of
expertise, experience, and knowledge to raise funds from all the sources i.e. Individuals, Corporates & CSR, Institutions (Multilaterals, Bilateral, Trusts, Foundations and Government), Earned Incomes and Events.
Our clients include INGOs, UN Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Hospitals,
Universities, Institutes of Higher Education, Local Grassroots organizations and civil society
organizations, and Corporates with CSR mandates.

NGOs often get lost when they have to start planning to raise funds for their projects and programs.
As soon as one project ends, they quickly need to look around for more funding to sustain their
work. But funding may not be immediately available for them to grab it.
Besides, with so much competition ( India Has 3.1 Million registered non-profits) , it is not easy
enough to get hold of the desired support from donors all the time. The tendency of most
organization to focus on raising resources through proposal writing, has its own demerits.
In order to counter such a situation, it is important for NGOs to have a strategy. Fundraising strategy
is always kept on the back burner by NGOs because they lack the skills to develop it.
The Fundraising strategy helps you take decision based on your needs fro programs and your ability
to devote resources. It is a guide to the actions which will elevate the fundraising situations of your
organization and raise funds, which will be prudent combination of restricted and unrestricted
income. A multiple channel fundraising plan for raising unrestricted income would free your
organization from the challenges of project-based funding and give you resources to undertake
projects of immediate need from the community.

As fundraising experts with decades of experience in raising funds for various causes, we are well
aware of the challenges posed by reduced aid/ grants and the implications of FCRA.
Our Fundraising experts can help you design planning plans to overcome the income challenges. Without affecting your projects or staff in a negative way, we can de-risk your fundraising and put
you on path to sustainable growth.

We develop fundraising projection based on the data received during the study, market conditions
and the brand awareness about your organization. As we have years of experience, we agree that
the situations do change. As long as fundraising execution takes shape in line with the outlined
activity, and there is no forced idea to change the approach, the fundraising projections will always
be met.

Fundraising Strategy, planning and implementation of fundraising campaign's for nonprofits, sustainability solutions includes the below points!

Strategic planning process

Our strategic planning services assist your organisation in determining the best way to achieve its goals. We use our decades of nonprofit expertise and great analytical skills to help your organisation wrestle with the key questions, concerns, and possibilities that will help you achieve your Goals.

As part of the fundraising strategic planning process, we engage with your leaders and key stakeholders through a series of exercises, workshops, and strategic conversations to examine and analyze your organization’s mission, vision, goals, and systems.

Organizations generally look three to five years ahead when engaged in strategic planning.

The strategic planning process results in a strategic plan, a document that articulates both the decisions made about the organization's goals and the ways in which the organization will achieve those goals. The strategic plan is intended to guide the organization's leaders in their decision-making moving forward.

We help you gain clarity on questions like:

  • How do we communicate our mission?
  • How do we illustrate our organization’s impact? What metrics and data points tell the complete story?
  • How can we deepen our engagement with long-time supporters and new donors?
  • How can we identify, recruit, and cultivate leaders and prospects in our community?
  • What funding opportunities are we missing?
  • How do we best deploy our Board and volunteer leaders?
  • How do we execute a growth plan efficiently with the proper resources?
  • How do we ensure that a strategic planning effort serves as a springboard for expanded and sustained success?
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