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Strategic planning is more than a step-by-step exercise, however. It requires individuals capable of strategic thinking, that is, individuals who can take information and offer insights on how that information can influence or impact the future organization.
Fundraising Strategy Implementation
Fundraising strategy implementation is the technique through which the firm develops, utilises and integrates its structure, culture, resources, people and control system to follow the strategies to have the edge over other competitors in the market.
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We offer consultancy services towards developing your fundraising strategy including your set up plan, market research, product development & team mentoring.

Our Strategic Consulting Services

Our strategic consulting services are based on real time inputs from the ground. We offer the best possible solutions based on thorough research and market intelligence.

CFF Intelligence

  • Top line market study
  • Fundraising strategy development
  • Optimizing country entry plan.
  • Product optimization
  • Business intelligence, CRM and Analytics.

CFF Research

  • Database research through SAS/ STAT
  • Predictive analysis for income forecast
  • Data segmentation & Market Intelligence
  • Competitor and comparator research.
  • Brand awareness and  perception for fundraising.
  • Confidential search.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Having a fundraising strategy is essential and should be developed before you start making funding applications. It will greatly enhance your chances of raising funds, and in the long run save you time and energy by having a framework in place to use and adapt for future funding applications.

Before thinking about what funding sources to apply for, an organisation must determine its overall organisational and project plans, often called strategic plans or business plans. These determine the organisation’s mission and vision, aims and objectives, specific tasks and targets, required resources and consequent costings – taking into account all of its overhead costs.

A fundraising strategy will be developed to fund an organisation’s overall objectives. Details on how and why organisational planning is important is provided in our Strategic Planning section, where you will find a useful framework in which to draw up an effective and meaningful strategic plan.

Fundraising should complement an organisation’s primary objectives. Organisations should ensure ongoing integration of fundraising plans with wider organisational plans. If you are not certain which solution you need, or if you are looking for more information, please contact us so we can better assist your specific needs.

Fundraising Strategy, planning and implementation of fundraising campaign's for nonprofits, sustainability solutions includes the below points!

Strategic planning process

Our strategic planning services assist your organisation in determining the best way to achieve its goals. We use our decades of nonprofit expertise and great analytical skills to help your organisation wrestle with the key questions, concerns, and possibilities that will help you achieve your Goals.

Organizations generally look three to five years ahead when engaged in strategic planning.

The strategic planning process results in a strategic plan, a document that articulates both the decisions made about the organization's goals and the ways in which the organization will achieve those goals. The strategic plan is intended to guide the organization's leaders in their decision-making moving forward.

We help you gain clarity on questions like:

  • How do we communicate our mission?
  • How do we illustrate our organization’s impact? What metrics and data points tell the complete story?
  • How can we deepen our engagement with long-time supporters and new donors?
  • How can we identify, recruit, and cultivate leaders and prospects in our community?
  • What funding opportunities are we missing?
  • How do we best deploy our Board and volunteer leaders?
  • How do we execute a growth plan efficiently with the proper resources?
  • How do we ensure that a strategic planning effort serves as a springboard for expanded and sustained success?

As part of the fundraising strategic planning process, we engage with your leaders and key stakeholders through a series of exercises, workshops, and strategic conversations to examine and analyze your organization’s mission, vision, goals, and systems.

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