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We apply our knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to your fundraising activities to meet your project requirements
IMPACT of planned fundraising RESULTS
Improved execution of fundraising projects to meet your communities financial goals

How we work with (non-profits)

Our approach is to listen to you and understand your challenges. We encourage you to detail your problems and listen carefully. We work with you to give a shape to your fundraising ambitions? We go deep to unlock the insights. We bring in the right mix of experience, knowledge and latest innovation to help your organization achieve its goal.

01 - Find the problem

Your engagements, listen to your team, Analyze the current situation

Basically find the Problem

Which problem do you solve first? Simplifying and defining the problem. Understanding every component, whether it’s the creative or offer, market or people. It does matter. If you have time and energy, fix the one that will be the biggest boost to generate resources for yourwork.

02 - Present a solution

Research + analysis =solution

Basically, find a Solution

Whether you like it or not, smart solutions come from better application of analytics to research (including markets), all the time.

03 - Implement the solution

We think like a doctor. You wouldn't be happy if your doctor gave you stomach medicine for a heart condition.

Applying Solutions

This stage combines strategy, process, and action and will include all parts of the project from scope to budget and beyond.


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You Have To Know the fundraising process

It typically consists of extensive desk and field research including interviews where your community listens to, setting the tone of your communication, and provides a rallying point for your team in terms of brand values and business direction.
Design: Without design, you wouldn’t be able to deliver your vision. The design phase is what translates vision values into practical solutions such as a memorable and meaningful visual brand identity.
Implementation - The implementation stage is when your new brand identity is revealed to the world. It starts with the careful planning of the roll-out i.e. how and when certain aspects of your brand will be launched on various channels.

Yes, We work with your strategy, your budget, your need and reality - do contact us now!


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