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Centre For Fundraising is a strategic fundraising consultancy that partners with purpose-based organizations for transformational fundraising. Centre for Fundraising guides, supports and influences the development institutions and their leaders to better serve the most marginalized and deserving causes.


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Asia's leading consulting firm providing fundraising solutions to the non-profit sector.

“Over the past decade, we have worked with hundreds of non-profits to build sustainable fundraising systems without adding any new stress or hassle for their organizations”


Together with our partners!

We help you grow your global reach, launch supporter initiatives and boost your fundraising performance with bespoke services to meet your specific needs and goals as a mission-driven organization.

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Core Services


We strategize for today’s realities and tomorrow’s probabilities! Our consultancy services will help your organisation realise it’s full potential.


Our services will help you create a sustainable long-term plan that focuses on the development of a successful brand that people connect to.

Explore our full-service fundraising team recruitment and training at different levels of fundraising experience and training needs

We implement your strategy – with tactical, measurable, and manageable mitigating risk, and improving your sustainable ROI


With an extensive, field force of fundraisers & a comprehensive support system we got you covered

We offer strategic assurance services and advice for the best impact from your CSR initiatives.

Our Projects

We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. Be work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage.

School Of Fundraising

The School is a consolidation of several years of Learning, Training & Organisational work across

Donatio is an aggregator of funds for non-profit organisations and NGOs

We offer specialized cancer care to patients who are economically challenged.


For organizations like you, we have a great solution. You can outsource your fundraising to us. We will recruit a dedicated team for raising funds for your organization/ project. This arrangement will help you reap the benefits of our fundraising knowledge, without investing in creating Fundraising/ Communications positions. 

After two to three years, when you have experienced and rewards due to fundraising growth, you may consider to recruit for the fundraising functions.

Whether you are a Right based organization working on Policy, advocacy and campaigns, or you are a relief based organization working on providing tangible support to the most needy and
marginalized, we can provide tailormade fundraising solutions for your fundraising challenge.
We help our clients raise funds from multiple sources, thereby de-risking the entire organization.
We study your organization in depth before advising you the best approach so that your
organization is sustainable. We are perhaps the only organization in Asia with over 200+ years of
expertise, experience, and knowledge to raise funds from all the sources i.e. Individuals, Corporates & CSR, Institutions (Multilaterals, Bilateral, Trusts, Foundations and Government), Earned Incomes and Events.
Our clients include INGOs, UN Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Hospitals,
Universities, Institutes of Higher Education, Local Grassroots organizations and civil society
organizations, and Corporates with CSR mandates.

NGOs often get lost when they have to start planning to raise funds for their projects and programs.
As soon as one project ends, they quickly need to look around for more funding to sustain their
work. But funding may not be immediately available for them to grab it.
Besides, with so much competition ( India Has 3.1 Million registered non-profits) , it is not easy
enough to get hold of the desired support from donors all the time. The tendency of most
organization to focus on raising resources through proposal writing, has its own demerits.
In order to counter such a situation, it is important for NGOs to have a strategy. Fundraising strategy
is always kept on the back burner by NGOs because they lack the skills to develop it.
The Fundraising strategy helps you take decision based on your needs fro programs and your ability
to devote resources. It is a guide to the actions which will elevate the fundraising situations of your
organization and raise funds, which will be prudent combination of restricted and unrestricted
income. A multiple channel fundraising plan for raising unrestricted income would free your
organization from the challenges of project-based funding and give you resources to undertake
projects of immediate need from the community.

As fundraising experts with decades of experience in raising funds for various causes, we are well
aware of the challenges posed by reduced aid/ grants and the implications of FCRA.
Our Fundraising experts can help you design planning plans to overcome the income challenges. Without affecting your projects or staff in a negative way, we can de-risk your fundraising and put
you on path to sustainable growth.

We develop fundraising projection based on the data received during the study, market conditions
and the brand awareness about your organization. As we have years of experience, we agree that
the situations do change. As long as fundraising execution takes shape in line with the outlined
activity, and there is no forced idea to change the approach, the fundraising projections will always
be met.

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Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in nonprofit fundraising and management.

Our Clients & Partners

Our clients are spread across the globe, and we are happy to be a part of their fundraising growth and success. Here is an abridged list of our clients, who have sought and benefitted from our Consulting support and fundraising services.

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